Welcome to 2015! What are you up to this week? Most likely you are returning to the office after some time away, and setting goals for the year ahead. Don’t forget to add learning to your plans.
Continual learning
This past summer, a white paper by IDC – sponsored by Microsoft – put some data around the necessity of continual learning. To quote Partner Success with the 3rd Platform: Why Training Matters (July 2014):
  • "Organizations that fail to acquire new skills as technologies evolve can see their effective capability decline by as much as 75% in just six years."
  • "Over time, a partner’s failure to upgrade the technical skills of its workforce results in an effective loss of collective capability."
  • "Partners who don’t effectively train their consultants are doomed to offer last year’s answers to next year’s problems, sell technology solutions that are outdated, and be lapped by competitors who can more rapidly identify and apply innovative solutions."
Read the Partner Success with the 3rd Platform: Why Training Matters white paper to see IDC’s recommendations.
Take action: set your 2015 learning goals
Now that you know why learning is important, it’s time to take action. Here are some recommended trainings to build into your calendar.
Make sure you go do all this by putting time on your calendar. Maybe you’ll start with once per month, like the last Friday of every month – or up the ante to train once per week. It’s also wise to keep a log of what courses you take – you can use this to track your own achievements and show your employer that you’re continuing to learn. Here is an example training log to help you get started.