The most important takeaway from any of the Worldwide Partner Conferences that I’ve been to—and I’ve been to a lot of them—is to listen to “KT” Kevin Turner’s message. His staff composes the best of the best in storytelling, readiness campaigns, and you guessed it: resources. So it’s no surprise that RyanTech has re-tooled its office with touchscreen-enabled all-in-one PCs and new laptops that fully support the Windows 8 experience. We have trained our staff on the usage of Windows 8 and found many resources provided by MVPs and bloggers that help in the transition. If you aren’t moving forward in the direction that KT so eloquently provided to us all at WPC this year you are going to be late to the game.

KT’s message was the simplest complex message from any WPC thus far. Simply put, Microsoft is all in again and they’ve got skin in the game this time. Microsoft hardware is coming out and Microsoft is pushing hardware manufacturers to deliver and deliver with quality. No more bloat ware, no more junk hardware and no more being second place to anyone, especially a fruit!
There is a time and place for all technology and Windows 8 is for the enterprise and SMB space. Because fruit spoils.​