As the sun sets on my year of presidency at IAMCP and I hand the baton over to Ulises Aguilar, it seems like 2012 has flown by, but that’s hardly surprising considering it’s been an incredibly busy and exciting one for me as Worldwide President of IAMCP. 

For those of you that don’t know what IAMCP is, it’s the largest global community of Microsoft Partners- for Partners by Partners. IAMCP helps Partners connect and grow their skills on key Microsoft product, programs and services, meet other Partners both local and global to empower success and improve local communities.
Many of you will understand that a lot of work goes on in the background to make an association function- not all of it visible or glamorous, but necessary work nonetheless which the members execute tirelessly.
I am honoured to have worked with such an enthusiastic team of board members, committee chairs, and other volunteers – their energy and drive, makes being part of IAMCP an exciting and vibrant place to be.
With that said there is always more that can be done. The board and I have worked hard this year to bring to fruition a number of key initiatives that form the backbone for a more streamlined and efficient association going forward. By way of example here are just some of the things we have worked on this year:
  • Much closer sharing of best practices- what works in one region often works in another.
  • Much closer Microsoft engagement- Jon Roskill is 110% behind IAMCP and the results show it
  • The Chapter Health Index- a global view of how well each chapter is working
  • A brilliant WPC in Toronto- more networking, more connections, more learning than ever before
  • Women In Technology- making valuable connections- the WPC lunch was oversubscribed!
And there are many more exciting initiatives that will come to fruition in 2013 so watch this space!!
No post would be complete without talking about the 2013 opportunity. With the release of more new products from Microsoft than in any previous year, there has never been a better time to be a Microsoft Partner. Here at IAMCP we will continue to support partners and provide new opportunities based on the expanded Microsoft ecosystem. And if you are not already part of the Association then I urge you to join today – just go to and sign up online.
I cannot sign off without mentioning and giving a huge thanks to some people who have been tremendously supportive and helpful during my time as President.
First of all to Pam Salzer (Microsoft), who has been a tireless supporter of IAMCP for many, many years. Her energy and drive is a testament to some of the challenges we have been able to overcome in years past.
To Kati Quigley, who took over from Pam in March, and has once again been able to carry forward the initiatives and momentum established in past years, but has also brought her own inimitable style, ideas, and a fresh approach to the IAMCP relationship. 
To Karl Noakes, who has been so supportive of IAMCP and instrumental in helping to drive a vision that will align Microsoft and IAMCP for long term growth and development.
And finally to Jon Roskill, who has given 110% support to IAMCP and it’s so exciting to see Jon popping up at so many of our local chapter events around the world and getting to speak with so many of our members. 
There are so many others who have contributed to and helped IAMCP this year – it would be impossible to name everyone, but I and every member of the International Board are so grateful and to put it into the words of one of our great leaders within the Microsoft community, we are "super jazzed" to be working with every single one of you. Long may it continue 🙂
Finally, WPC 2013 will be one of the biggest and best for IAMCP and so, if I don’t see you before, I will definitely see you in Houston next July, make sure you’re there!!
2013 will be a momentous year for Microsoft, IAMCP, and for partners – you just need to be part of it!!
Kelvin Kirby
Worldwide President, IAMCP International
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