One thing is very clear: our partners do some pretty amazing things. Whether you’re building an app to help young, pregnant, homeless women have healthy babies or designing a crowd-sourcing platform that makes it easier for artists to realize their visions, you’ve shared some truly inspiring stories with us. We are so energized about what you are doing, we want to share your stories with a much bigger audience, which is why we’re excited about a new project that debuted this week: Partner Stories.
Partner Stories is a chance to showcase – in a new and visually compelling way – the value of a partner’s solution to the customer’s business utilizing Microsoft technology. This week, we released five stories that show how some of our award-winning partners took their customers’ business challenges and created innovative solutions to help solve them in entirely new and even visionary ways. You’re taking the technology and resources Microsoft provides, and – putting your customers’ issues at the center of your thinking – discovering paths we never imagined.
The Stories
When Eran Barlev of partner SELA Canada heard St. Michael’s Hospital was looking for better ways to help the homeless, pregnant women of Toronto, he and his team created an app in 48 hours that is even now helping to save lives. SELA Canada’s digital version of a paper “passport” helps these women keep appointments, better understand the stages of pregnancy and fetal development, and even locate nearby medical facilities in case of emergency. I can’t think of a better use for technology. Read the full story.
Partner NV Interactive is helping “feed” the starving artists of New Zealand. The Arts Foundation approached NV Interactive to help find ways to connect artists with art lovers, and Boosted was born. This universal crowdfunding platform is built on Microsoft Azure and allows artists to showcase their work to potential donors. Boosted is, as the story says, forever changing the face of the arts industry in that country. Read the full story.
These are only two of the stories, so make sure you read the rest on the stories page and look for more in the coming months. Even though these stories feature very different customers with very different problems, they all have a few things in common:
  1. Customers are at the center of our partners’ visions and our solutions. We are obsessed with our customers, and we think these stories are a great demonstration of just how committed our partners are to helping our mutual customers as well.

  2. Your business is so much more than just technology. You’re helping real people achieve their dreams and improve their lives.
Putting partners first
The Partner Stories are part of our ongoing effort to highlight the great work our partners are doing and your achievements with customers and the community. I hope you’ve had a chance to visit the refreshed MPN Portal to see how we’re working to bring forward the information you want and to make it easier for you to be participate in the partner community. Earlier this year, we moved our blogs to the MPN Portal to make them easier for partners and customers to find. We’ve also revamped Pinpoint to help prospects locate you when they’re looking for a solution.
We believe every partner has a story to tell, and we want to help you tell it. Share your stories with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter, and let us know if you or another partner should be featured on the MPN blog or story pages.
Do you have additional feedback or comments? Let us know on our Facebook page!