In today’s ever changing environment, finding the right solutions is the path to accelerate growth together. We are living in a time of change, and with that change comes incredible opportunity.

Last week I spoke about the huge potential with Cloud OS, but we’re not done. This week we are releasing a new wave of content to provide you with more information, more insights, and help you make more informed decisions on where to invest in the cloud to propel your business forward.
It all starts with membership of Microsoft Partner Network – a one-stop shop for resources to help you build your cloud practice. It allows you to unlock the potential offered by the following portfolio of cloud offerings:


Office 365​
Microsoft CRM Online Deliver differentiated and compelling customer experiences.
Windows Intune
​Windows Azure
​Cloud OS






Check out these resources, and learn more about the opportunities to develop and expand your business in the cloud, and gain insights on how it will help you better serve you customers.

We continue to focus on delivering you access to the information you need to help you drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage through your partnership with Microsoft.
Every day we strive to improve. If you are not getting what you need, please email me directly at I can’t promise I can solve everything, all the time. However, we are committed to work together with you to ensure your decision to partner with Microsoft remains the best business you will ever make.