Greetings partners,


It’s hard to believe that WPC 2012 is upon us. I wanted to make a quick introduction, since I am responsible for the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) booth at this year’s conference. I’m looking forward to m​​eeting many of you as you learn more about MPN. Be sure to ask for me, Jonathan White, so we can discuss your business and specifically answer any questions you might have about the Microsoft Cloud programs.
I have a passion for the partner ecosystem and I want to make sure that this year’s booth really meets your needs. After all, we know you made a lot of investments to join us. Using last year’s feedback from many of you, we redesigned the booth to make it more user-friendly, dynamic, and full of WOW. Bottom line, we want to make it rock, for you, our valued partners.
Upon entry into the booth, you’ll note three pillars, situated down the center aisle. These pillars focus on three key areas:
  • Discover MPN: Learn about Microsoft Action Packs, competencies and general membership info.
  • Use Your Benefits: Gain insight to sales incentives, training / readiness, support, and the Partner Marketing Center (PMC).
  • Embrace Cloud: Preview the latest information on the Cloud Essential and Cloud Accelerate programs.
We think this new booth setup is the best way to serve you at WPC. So thanks for the feedback!
We’ll also have kiosks for Microsoft Learning, Small Business Competency, and Pinpoint. What’s really cool is that the MPN Live studio is enclosed in glass. So even if you’re not part of the live show, you’ll be able to view your fellow partners engaging with each other and Microsoft executives.
Plus, the booth will be staffed with representatives from the Worldwide Partner Group who can provide support and guidance on all MPN-related topics.
So stop by and find out what’s new for FY13. I look forward to meeting you in person.
- Jonathan​