Once again, we have begun inviting partners and customers to participate in our Microsoft Global Relationship Study (GRS). Periodically, we engage an independent research company to conduct this study in more than 100 countries, giving both customers and partners an opportunity to evaluate Microsoft in key areas that include product quality, innovation, ease of doing business, quality of resources, and more.

The GRS is part of the Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) initiative Microsoft has had in place for the past several years. Getting partner participation and feedback is essential to the success of this survey effort. In our Listen and Respond white paper, updated in January (download here), which explains how we use the results of the GRS and other mechanisms to shape the way Microsoft does business, Steve Ballmer writes, “Our success as a company…depends on relationships with more than 640,000 independently owned and operated partner companies. These organizations…use Microsoft products to develop their own applications and technology solutions for customers, creating additional demand for our products. In fact, partners generate 95 percent of our revenue.”
As I wrote last year in a similar post about the GRS, the U.S. partner team takes the results of this survey seriously, and we use it to help make decisions about where to focus our efforts with partners. This Spring 2012 survey comes as we begin fleshing out our plans for our new fiscal year 2013, which will begin in July. Each year, the statistical results of the GRS, as well as the verbatim, become part of the dialogue we have internally about partners.
You may receive an email invitation from Microsoft Feedback (feedback@e-mail.microsoft.com; more details here) to participate in this research in March or April. If you do, I hope you will take the time to respond, and offer your feedback and comments to help us understand what’s working well, what could be better, and your ideas about how we can continue to improve how we serve our partners.
You can also share feedback and comments with us any time by email or through the U.S. Partner Community. My colleagues will tell you that I often send them your posts and comments that are relevant to their responsibilities in the U.S. partner business, and each month, I roll up a sampling of those posts and comments (both bad and good) in my business review. Recent partner feedback encouraged us to create our MPN 101 video and to write a blog post specifically about renewing your Microsoft Partner Network competencies and membership. There is also a new, downloadable Microsoft Deployment Toolkit that contains the resources you need to help your customers more easily migrate to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010.
Thank you for being a Microsoft partner. We look forward to hearing from you.
Diane Golshan

Managing Editor, U.S. Partner Communications

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