If you’re not yet a member of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), then what are you waiting for? Our members are some of the most connected people within the Microsoft Partner Network, and we’re always looking to grow. Did you know that there is an open IAMCP group on Yammer? It’s a place where members can share best practices, connect with other members within or outside of the regional chapters, and to hear directly from local and international IAMCP leadership. You can find the site at https://www.yammer.com/iamcporg/ and request an invitation to join.
As an organization, you may not have made the decision to roll out social collaboration tools to your end users — but even if you are just a single individual using this tool, the connections you can make through Yammer as a social networking tool could be invaluable to your company. Think of it in the same way that you use LinkedIn, Xing, or another business-focused social platform — except unlike these mainstream social tools, the IAMCP network on Yammer consists entirely of Microsoft partners, all of whom are interested in discovering and developing partnerships.
Wondering how you can utilize Yammer to amplify your IAMCP activities? Follow these steps:
  1. Set up your Yammer profile (it’s free) and join https://www.yammer.com/iamcporg/.  
  2. Invite fellow members of your local chapter to also sign up.
  3. If one does not already exist, create a group for your local chapter where people can share notes and details that are specific to your chapter. To create a new group within Yammer, simply login to Yammer and from the left hand navigation, hover over ‘Groups+‘ and you will see the option to ‘create group.’ Click on this, and a dialog box will open to walk you through the 3 steps to creating a new public (everyone can see it) or private (only those you invite can see it) group for your chapter.
  4. Share presentation materials from your last chapter meeting in the "Shared Presentations" group, including speaker contact information and any other event details, so that other chapters can learn from your experience.
  5. Suggest topics that you would like to hear in the "Ideas for chapter Meetings" group, as other members or chapters may be able to share content, contacts to great speakers, or other valuable information on the topic.
  6. Share the details on your sponsors within the "Sponsor Recognition" group to help acknowledge their support. If the sponsor is interested in connecting with other chapters for additional sponsorship opportunities, include their contact details, as well.
  7. Share any announcements that are relevant to all IAMCP members within the "IAMCP Promotions" group or by posting directly to the home feed, using relevant #hashtags to make search easier. Relevant announcement might include group discounts, events, or any topics that might appeal to the broader IAMCP community.
  8. If you’re looking for a partner in a specific region, or with a special skill set, use the Yammer search to comb through any content shared across the site, and within the many open groups. 
  9. Always share your partner wins! During most chapter meetings, members are given an opportunity to report on any partner-to-partner wins since the last chapter meeting. Using the "Partner WINS" group, you have yet another opportunity to share your success, and by sharing those details, possibly opening up additional opportunities with other partners or in different regions.
Yammer can be a great tool for quickly connecting with the IAMCP membership. Be sure to take advantage of this great tool, and tap into the global membership today!