Hello Partners!

WPC 2014 is completely focused on how your partnership with Microsoft can increase your profitability. We’ve heard your feedback and are working hard to provide you with meaningful content across the board. This year, content will focus on the five following areas: Cloud, Big Data, Enterprise Social, Mobility & Devices, and Leadership, Sales & Marketing. Enterprise Social sometimes gets overlooked—for some of you, the phrase “social media” refers to your personal life rather than your business. For others, social is your business. Still others out there are wondering what the big deal is.
As our lives become increasingly digital, much of our social interaction happens online. Whether you’ve switched to typing emails to friends rather than handwriting letters, or whether you have a video conference with coworkers in another city instead of traveling there for a business meeting, social activities online have increased and have saved all of us valuable time and resources.
Microsoft released a study in July showing the differences in social usage in SMBs and larger companies. Some companies claimed that any reluctance they had about adopting social tools for the workplace was based on concerns that social tools would reduce employee productivity. But, as was written last year, 50% of employees themselves say that using social tools has increased their productivity. Quick access to team members allows employees to get answers and find information faster while eliminating duplicated work.
Whether or not you have implemented social in your company, there is huge opportunity for growth in this space. The advantages to social communication are becoming abundantly clear, and social tools are becoming more important to everyday collaboration, maximizing efficiency, profitability, and even job satisfaction. Yammer has published two infographics to demonstrate the efficacy of social networks in the business world. One infographic shows how enterprise social networks increase collaboration, business agility, employee satisfaction, and ROI. The second infographic shows how employee engagement is richer when social collaboration is used in the workplace.
WPC 2014 will go in depth and show how Microsoft services like Lync, SharePoint, Yammer and Skype can help you take advantage of social innovation to increase your profitability. Microsoft is committed to helping partners capitalize on this technology and deploy social solutions that become an essential part of collaborative, productive business for your company and for your customers.
Your partnership with Microsoft is one form of collaboration, and we appreciate your contributions to our business every day. At WPC 2014, find out how social collaboration can bring you closer to your partners and strengthen your business. Jumpstart your networking via social media before July with Social Media for Partners from MPN, and join WPC Connect when it goes live January 30 to start connecting with other WPC attendees.
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