One of my favorite things about events like the Worldwide Partner Conference is the chance to talk to partners from all over the world to find out what matters most to them. The one thing I’ve found that’s consistent for all partners is this: You want to know how we can help you increase your revenue and grow your business.

Being a member of the Microsoft Partner Network provides a lot of opportunities to do this, but there’s one that is often overlooked, which has huge potential to boost your business: Microsoft Pinpoint.
Microsoft Pinpoint is a free service that helps business customers find trusted Microsoft experts like you, anywhere in the world. It is the largest online directory of partners and their offerings built to enhance and support Microsoft technologies. When you create a profile on Pinpoint you make your software applications and services more visible to the people who need them most.
So, what exactly does that mean for your business? Here are some quick stats to help you understand how valuable creating a good profile in Microsoft Pinpoint can be:
  • In FY13 alone there were 4.4 million visits
  • In FY14 we expect 7 million customers will visit the site looking for the right partner to use for their business
  • On average, 1 in 4 of these visits results in customers contacting partners for more information.
  • 45% of inquiries made from Pinpoint are from customers who are ready to buy.
  • 30% of forms sent through Pinpoint result in an actual sale.
  • Average Pinpoint transaction value worldwide: US $16,000.  
Millions of business customers are visiting Pinpoint to find partners like you, and many partners have already had huge success in getting more revenue by leveraging this tool. We’ll share a few of these stories later this week. Also, look for Pinpoint workshops and Pinpoint kiosks throughout WPC to help you optimize your profile and engage more customers.
What it comes down to is this: Get more leads and expand your market reach—both locally and globally. Since that’s what matters most, I encourage you to check out Pinpoint and take advantage of what it can offer you.​