We’ve seen amazing transition stories from our partners and customers as more and more businesses realize the value and opportunities of the cloud. Now the conversation is shifting from “how to transition to the cloud” to “how to drive adoption and consumption in the cloud.” Just as we worked to provide you with the best tools and resources to move your own and your customers’ businesses to the cloud, now we want to make sure you have what you need to further activate their usage in the cloud.
We’ve published a new Cloud Services Partner Dashboard to give you greater visibility into how your customers are using the cloud. When you are the “Partner of Record” for a customer, their usage and consumption will show up in your dashboard through the MPN portal.  Now you can effectively and proactively monitor and manage your customer end to end. With the updated dashboard, you now have access at-a-glance to additional information on:
  • Azure subscriptions and consumption
  • Active users of Office 365 by workload
Azure consumption data and Office 365 Active Usage data give you an end-to-end view of how your customers are engaging with your cloud services. You’re now able to take much deeper dives and view active usage by workload, so you can spot and address issues as they arise.
The dashboard allows you to be proactive with your customers, not just when solving their problems, but also in managing their deployments and renewals. Renewal periods can be opportune times to engage in cross selling and up-selling, and the dashboard helps ensure you have that information on-demand.
The dashboard has been created to provide a readable platform for all that information. New data visualization throughout the dashboard allows for at-a-glance, actionable insights, with ample opportunities to go deeper for even more information. This helps you get the data you need, see your next steps, and take action – all from within the MPN portal.
We want to help you have the healthiest cloud business you can achieve, and that means making sure you know of the opportunities available to you. We believe the greatest benefit of the dashboard is that the information you’re accessing – subscriptions, renewals, Partner of Record status, customer usage – is specific to you, your business, and your customers, enabling you to make the decisions that empower your business and your customers. So I encourage you to visit your dashboard today.
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