​This week, we will be bringing a new MSDN subscription administration experience to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center that will not only provide you with a new, improved look, but it will also provide a simplified and improved subscription management experience, matching the look and feel of other VLSC functionality and with fewer clicks. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to get more done with fewer clicks and in an easier to use way?

At a high level, here is what the new MSDN subscription administration experience will bring to users:
  • More streamlined and easier to use
  • Aligning the look and feel to VLSC
    • Single point of access through VLSC
    • Improved browser compatibility
    • Consistent user interface
To give you a quick idea of what this new MSDN subscription administration will look like and some of the improvements you will see, let me show you a quick preview:
If you look at the current MSDN subscription administration page today, this is what you will see (click image for full size).
What you will notice is that you have access to some information about the agreements, customer name, benefit access number, and references.
Here is a view of the new MSDN subscription administration page that you will see once we roll out the updates this week (click image for full size).

What you can see is, not only do you have access to the same information you did in the past, but you have a much cleaner and easier search and usability experience.

Also, getting to the MSDN subscription administration page is much easier in this new roll out as well. In this new roll out, you can still get to the MSDN subscription administration page the same way as you do in the current version by clicking:
  • Licenses –> Relationship Summary –> License ID –> Manage MSDN Subscriptions
Or, you can take the much easier, shorter path shown to the right of clicking: Subscriptions –> MSDN Search
In addition to the change to the general MSDN subscription administration page shown above, there are new and improved experiences for users specifically when performing the following actions as well:
  • Assigning a subscription to an agreement
  • Edit subscription details
  • Assign multiple subscriptions
  • Search for a shipment
  • View a subscription summary
Instead of me posting up all of the screenshots here on the blog for you to go through, I am going to point you directly to our “Improved MSDN Subscription Administration Experience” PowerPoint presentation we put together that actually walks you though these new experiences step-by-step so you can see how they will work in this new experience.
In addition, we will be posting a Manage My Agreements video to the “How_To Videos” page on VLSC on Thursday, February 16th. If you go to the “How To Videos” page today, you will see the MSDN subscription administration video for the current experience if you want to see more about how it works today.
For additional information and resources regarding VLSC, here are some additional places for you:

  • On the “How_To Videos” page, not only do we have the “How To” videos, we also have links to the Frequently Asked Questions for VLSC as well as the VLSC User Guide
  • On the VLSC main page, we have a link right on the front to “Find Training and Resources”
If you haven’t checked out these resources yet, I would suggest giving them a try.


From a timing perspective, this new MSDN subscriptions administration experience will be coming to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center on this Thursday, February 16th. The updates will be happening throughout the day, so if you log on in the morning and still see the old experience, just be patient, you will see it a little later.
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