Want to get your customers’ attention and loyalty, plus win new business and increase the value of your existing customers?
Then there are a few things you need to do:
  1. Understand their pain
  2. Fix it – with the right solution(s)
  3. Educate them on their next best step
Of course, this ranks high on the “easier said than done” scale, but it is possible and there are resources to help you right now.

Understand your customer’s pain points

Business decision makers that you’re selling to these days don’t want products – they want solutions to help them accomplish goals and overcome challenges.
So how do you sell solutions?
Through research and conversation with customers and our top partners, we’ve discovered that most business challenges fall into four main categories (we’ll talk more about those in a minute). So we created ModernBiz to help you figure out which one your customers fall into and, ultimately, how best to serve them.
First step: you must understand their pain points. We’ve devised some questions which will help you determine which category your customer is experiencing and – even better – which solutions will answer their needs.
Second step: once you know a customer’s category, you can combine the right products and create tailor-made solutions that will help you win their business.
Third step: not only can you help solve their immediate problems, but you can continue to build your role as their trusted advisor by identifying their next best steps and providing the next product.

Understand your customer’s category

In ModernBiz, we’ve grouped common business challenges – and their appropriate solutions – under four main pillars: Business Anywhere, Safeguard Your Business, Grow Efficiently, and Connect with Customers.

Use this easy reference to start understanding your customers’ pain points and leverage the solutions you may already be selling to solve them:
The questions:

  • Do you have a mobile workforce?
  • Are your employees able to get their work done anywhere?
  • Are employees able to collaborate and share information easily?
The Pain Point: Mobility, access
The Opportunity: This category focuses on productivity and mobility and the challenges around giving employees access from anywhere, easily, on the devices of their choice.
The questions:
  • Are you concerned about protecting and controlling your data?
  • Do you feel you’re prepared for unexpected challenges?
The Pain Point: Security, recovery
The Opportunity: In 2014 alone, businesses reported an average 34% increase in financial losses due to security incidents! Clearly, security is top-of-mind for many of your customers.
The questions:
  • Is your IT able to scale up or down as your organization adapts to change?
  • Do you feel you’re getting the most from your technology?
The Pain Point: Changing technology, IT investments
The Opportunity: What’s the best way to scale business and have your IT infrastructure grow with you? These customers may be considering cloud technologies and need your help to make the transition.
The questions:
  • How well do you understand your customers?
  • How important is it for you to increase your sales?
The Pain Point: Insights, engagement
The Opportunity: Customers in this category are interested in learning how to use their customers’ data. They want to develop touchpoints, uncover action items, and plan next steps. Having the answers to these questions can help you avoid dead-end conversations with customers and instead get to the right solutions faster.

Offer the right solutions

Once you know your customer’s category and the problem(s) they’re looking to technology to solve, use resources in ModernBiz to enable a truly productive conversation with your customer. You can use these “as is” or customize them to align with your branding and messaging.
For example, is your customer concerned about their employees’ ability to share information from diverse, widely spread locations? They probably fall into the “Business Anywhere” category. This campaign helps you narrow in on productivity solutions like Office 365 and OneDrive for Business without having to build marketing materials from scratch.
ModernBiz helps you continue to serve that customer by educating them about their next best steps – and providing the solutions. If a customer’s pain points originate in the Business Anywhere category, Azure RemoteApp and Dynamics CRM Online are also likely to have value. This is a great up- and cross-sell opportunity because the solutions you’re pointing them to are likely to be a good fit for their needs.
Buyers expect the technology they invest in to solve their problems, and they look to you as partners for trusted advice. By asking the right questions, and knowing which pillar best aligns with the pain points your customers are experiencing, you will both serve them better and enable your business to leverage marketing resources to save time and money.