Hello partners,
What a great year we’ve had with another exciting WPC come and gone, and the team hard at work to make WPC 2015 the best yet. I hope you’ve registered, and if you haven’t, be sure to take advantage of our WPC Holiday Sale, which ends today.
In the spirit of the season, a member of our team has written something we hope you’ll all enjoy. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!
‘Twas the night before WPC
By Shannon Perry
‘Twas the night before WPC, when all through Connect,
Sessions were scheduled and calendars checked.
Plans had been hatched for partners to meet,
In hopes that new business would help all compete.
The partners were nestled in soft hotel beds
While visions of past keynotes danced in their heads.
Kati and team had just stopped for the night –
Everything was ready to do WPC right.
When out in the courtyard there arose such a Yammer™
We sprang from our beds to see what caused the clamor.
Eyes peered out Windows™, heads poked from doors –
What had disrupted our comfortable snores?
Was it Channel Chief Phil Sorgen, to keep us all rapt, or
Was it IAMCP, come to start a new chapter?
When what to our wondering eyes should appear –
Shiny new competencies had arrived, they were here!
Now Platform, now Productivity, now Midmarket Solutions!
Now increased profitability for our institutions!
To the top of the cloud, great successes await,
Time’s right for transition, so start now, don’t be late!
WPC is an event full of learning:
New products, new services, and new ways of earning.
Why, Pinpoint just twinkles, making customers merry
Finding partners to work with is easy now, very!
With renewed excitement, we donned our new badges
To the Microsoft store, to see the new gadgets!
To sessions, to keynotes, to meetings with peers!
To mainstage announcements we’ll be hearing with cheers!
At the Partner Celebration, we’ll all raise our glasses,
To shiny bright lanyards with all-access passes.
WPC is the premier partner scene;
See you in Orlando in Twenty-fifteen!