I started out with clearly defined roles, and completely lacking personal balance and sanity.  I was a work-obsessed career woman born and raised in Texas by my father.  Rarely cooked, always cleaned and the first baby shower I ever attended was my own.  After my first child, I was one of those moms who had a hard time adjusting to the pace at home.  After my second child, I started to get into the groove of my newly found career, mom, right up until the point where he went off to school.  I then realized I had lost myself.  I still did a lot of volunteer work on the side and that is one thing I recommend everyone do, but something was missing.

I went back to work!
Would I miss being home?  Yes-But.  But, I loved the thought of once again, going out for lunch, having a coffee in silence, critical thinking, and feeling like I am part of something.
Going back to work after being at home with my children for ten years was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made.  I wanted the perfect job to come at the perfect time.  I’m happy to say the perfect job did come.  When I was finally offered the job I was thrilled.  It was really the perfect job for me and my family.  The people who I work with are fantastic people, and the environment at work is very positive.  What’s more is our involvement in the IAMCP.  Our CEO founded the Utah Chapter and I get to work with the chapter members to keep them glued tightly together, like kids!
The work I do is interesting and challenging.  I have a wonderful boss and a lot of flexibility, the hours are manageable, and the people are great.  Working for RyanTech, a Valued Managed Microsoft Partner with Gold, Silver, Cloud and SMB Competencies, challenges me to keep up with the latest technology to properly serve our clients.  It’s an invigorating feeling to actually use my brain for something other than making lunches.  I realized, that while I enjoyed my time at home, I enjoy being back to work.  In less than a year I have been promoted twice and I lead a completely new division of RyanTech called My Simple Cloud Services, where we specialize in making Microsoft Cloud Services simple for the end user.
Ironically, my work environment isn’t dissimilar to home.  I am the manager of two young men who love to call me “mom” and ask advice on occasion.  It gives me a glimpse of what I may encounter down the road with my two little boys at home.  Not to mention I still have the pleasure of reminding them to clean up after themselves.
More than moving from a stay-at-home mother and returning to myself, I feel like I am becoming something completely new.  Something akin to living in the best of both worlds, where I am happy and fulfilled, both by my career and by motherhood.
I look forward to the Women in Technology events happening at the WPC this year in my home state of Texas!