​Do you have questions about what the industry shift to the cloud means for your business as a Microsoft partner? Much of the current public cloud discussion focuses on the technology and the customer benefits. While both are important, partners are—understandably—very interested in the underlying economics, which tend to have a much stronger impact on the direction and speed of disruption to their business.

Join the Discussion
Join Julie Bennani, General Manager of the Microsoft Partner Network, for the first in a series of Cloud Business Model Transformation live seminars. From 8am to 4pm (PST) on August 31st, you’ll have the opportunity to hear Julie—and other industry cloud experts—lead an informative and engaging discussion about how your business model will need to change in order to effectively lead in the evolving cloud market.
Learn to Transform
The seminar will provide partner leaders like you with the structure to begin your individual business transformation action plan. Learn how to identify specific actions you can take take to close gaps in your current business model—and isolate exactly where you’re well-aligned and prepared to incorporate Microsoft Cloud Solutions.
By the end of the seminar, you’ll be well-informed about:
  • Why business transformation is a critical partner topic, and the what it means for your business opportunity
  • The Microsoft cloud strategy and roadmap, and how you should approach integrating on-premises and cloud offerings
  • How to analyze the business implications and drive practice decisions related to business model transformation
  • The new profit opportunities of cloud-based offerings, and unique considerations that come with them
  • How cloud solutions impact marketing and sales operations
  • Achieving long-term growth: managing the customer lifecycle and retention in a subscription-based business
A Roadmap to Success
Attendee response to pilot sessions has been overwhelmingly positive. Partners voiced strong approval for the action plan that was presented (with one individual describing it as a “roadmap to help us be successful”), and reported that the discussion gave them new insight into the changes that will be required of their businesses’ organizational structure to be truly successful selling cloud solutions.
An Interactive Experience
The BMT seminar is a live event, and will be highly interactive. If you have questions you’d like to hear addressed, you are encouraged to visit the Microsoft Partner Facebook page for details about how to submit them now. (On the day of the seminar, three lucky organizations will win a daylong, face-to-face business model transformation consultation for submitting a pre-event question!) In addition to answering your questions live, the seminar leaders will present a structured framework for your partner organization to evolve—and ultimately transform your business into a profitable and sustainable cloud business.
This is a great opportunity to gain key insights and information to help you successfully transition into being a Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider.