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Hello, again. I’m excited to be back and working with the Microsoft Partner Network team. Today we’re kicking off a three-part series focusing on the ways traditional IT companies can transform their businesses and take advantage of new technologies while moving to the cloud.

It’s been roughly a year since I founded, a CSP company that helps people and organizations transform their businesses by moving to the cloud. In this first part of the blog series, I introduce you to my journey, and help explain how my company has found success.

The journey to the cloud

Businesses that neglect to move to the cloud will have more a challenging path to profitability in coming years. Nowadays, the cloud is advancing technology and the economy in ways we could previously only imagine. Adopting cloud technology is necessary for businesses and organizations to continually evolve. Working with the Microsoft Partner Network has been a great experience for As a partner in the Microsoft ecosystem, we’ve had amazing support building a company with more than 50 customers and USD 1 million in annual revenue. The partner-centric focus and the accessibility of the network have not only accelerated our growth, but also helped us sustain that rate of growth.

“Always continue to learn better ways of managing your time––it’s the single most important asset in life.”

-Tonny Siemons, Founder,

Four key recommendations

Building a business from the ground up is a thrilling experience. Every day isn’t easy, but failures and successes both fall on the founder’s shoulders. It’s been like having a baby-seeing it grow and develop its own personality and culture. To make this happen alongside a great team of employees (and partners like Microsoft) is especially rewarding.

Here are four recommendations for those of you who are interested in starting your own CSP business:

  1. Start with confidence. Go all-in and don’t question your choices. Confidence is contagious, so the more you believe in yourself, the more others will believe in you, too.
  2. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Making mistakes is a normal part of building a company. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s no way to fail if you view mistakes as learning opportunities.
  3. Talk about successes. If you win a new account or hit a sales goal, tell people about it. As a company founder, you must be your business’ biggest advocate, especially if you’re early in the process.
  4. Maximize your time. Always continue to learn better ways of managing your time–it’s your single most important asset in life. I recommend checking out the following two books: The 4-hour Workweek by Tim Ferris, and Busy by Tony Crabbe.

Stay tuned for Part Two of the “Transforming traditional IT” blog series. For more thoughts on how you can make the most of your journey to the cloud, connect with the Microsoft Partner Community.