Regardless of what industry or line of business your customers are in, the simple fact is that data is pouring out of their products, registers, inventory systems, websites, and mobile apps and devices faster than ever. Hidden within this data are insights and intelligence to meet customer needs faster, better, more profitably. How can partners make sense of all this and capture an advantage in the market?
The Microsoft data platform introduces new solutions for harnessing this data, so your customers can gain an advantage in a fiercely competitive marketplace.
Microsoft’s Data Platform provides the tools to capture, transform, and analyze any data, of any size, at any scale—using the tools, languages, and frameworks enterprises know and want in a trusted environment on-premises and in the cloud. Microsoft’s data platform enables enterprises to more easily work with big data and extract as much value as possible from data to accelerate business. Examples include:
  • SQL Server to store and retrieve data
  • Azure HDInsight to deploy and provision Hadoop clusters in the cloud
  • Power BI to analyze and visualize data
  • Azure Machine Learning to build predictive analytics solutions in the cloud
  • Azure IoT services to simplify set up and deployment of IoT solutions
Microsoft is the only technology vendor that gives businesses the platform and productivity solutions they need to address all of the key business challenges they face—from enterprise mobility, Internet of Things, and data management and analytics, to the cloud infrastructure that makes everything possible. Your customers can use our global-scale, enterprise-grade, hybrid cloud platform to get business done in a highly competitive global economy.
Data Platform University
Microsoft Data Platform University helps you get trained on these solutions. This series of online, live, interactive sales training centers around Data Platform sales solutions, including SQL Server 2005 End of Support.
In each session, you can explore the resources available to you and get guidance on how to orchestrate a sale across each stage of the Data Platform sales cycle.
If you are a sales professional within a Microsoft Partner organization, we invite you to check out these upcoming events.
October 12: Microsoft’s Data Platform – The Opportunity is Bigger Than You Think
October 14: Why Upgrade to SQL Server 2014 and 2016
October 15: Overview of Power BI
October 21: Selling Azure Data Services for Cloud and SaaS Applications
October 22: Power BI Demos and Customer Stories
October 28: Selling Cortana Analytics
October 29: Selling Microsoft’s Current and New Big Data Solutions
November 4: Grow Your Business with SQL Server 2016
November 5: Selling Advanced Analytics in SQL Server 2016
November 11: Selling the Modern Data Warehouse (DW and Big Data)
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