If you’re a Microsoft distributor or reseller, you’re probably familiar with Distributor (“Disti”) Bootcamps (DBC). These reseller-facing events are a great tool for distributors to recruit channel partners and deliver readiness to resellers on specific topics.
But what about resellers who can’t attend a Bootcamp? You have another option: Digital DBC is an online platform Microsoft distributors can use to deliver Microsoft training and resources to resellers. Distributors have some customization flexibility too; Digital DBC is designed to seamlessly integrate the distributor’s brand look and feel. Each Disti Bootcamp portal aims to look like an extension of the distributor’s own website, including their own company logo. On Digital DBC, distributors can
  • post your own content to advertise and communicate with resellers,
  • uncover reseller opinions using polls,
  • gain insight to understand more about your reseller audience – what training they like and need, what’s most popular, etc.
  • delve into the Bootcamp analytics directly on the portal, to gain insights on an individual reseller level and see how their resellers are engaging with content and learning.
Digital DBC is a great way to share information but also to understand the needs and support required from distributors and Microsoft for resellers.
For our reseller partners, you get the benefits of round-the-clock access to resources that make it easier to buy and sell Microsoft products. There’s also concise, consumable training to help you learn; short subject matter expert videos, Microsoft news, and forums where you can engage with other resellers – ask questions, share advice, and build relationships. Resellers can also earn badges when they complete training courses and modules. Look for more information in the future as we introduce reseller incentives to Bootcamp in the coming fiscal year.
What’s included in Digital DBC:
  • Best practices including distributor-funded incentives for resellers
  • The latest online training from Microsoft, available 24/7
  • Videos featuring subject matter experts
  • Marketing collateral and event advertising to enhance distributor offerings
  • Detailed insights into how resellers are engaging with the portal
  • Microsoft and distributor news, from products to promotions
  • Forums
  • Polls
  • A library full of supporting documents including PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and videos to be used by distributors and resellers
Who should participate?
Distributor bootcamps are for distributors and resellers of Microsoft products. So far we have more than 2,500 resellers registered and 9,000 training courses completed already. We look forward to building on this momentum in the coming year. If you’re a Microsoft distributor or reseller, we want to hear from you to make sure you can get involved.
Take action
For distributors, contact your Partner Account Manager if you’d like to learn more about your DBC opportunity and how to set up your own Disti Bootcamp portal to engage with your resellers.
For resellers it’s easy to sign up – just log in to Disti Bootcamp and you can choose which distributor you’d like to sign up through. You can log in with your existing MPN ID and you’ll have immediate access to a wealth of Microsoft resources that are easy to consume at your own pace.
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