NewsGator has been a Microsoft partner for a long time. In fact, the partnership deepens every year – becoming a depth-managed partner, attaining gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Portals & Collaboration competencies, earning the 2011 Partner of the Year award, and this year becoming a Globally Managed Partner.


Sure, it’s great just being a Microsoft partner, but one of the biggest benefits of membership is collaborating and integrating with other partners in the vast ecosystem of the Microsoft Partner Network. One of the best places to do this is at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). This year, it’s in Toronto from July 8-12 – and NewsGator is excited to be part of it again!  Here are our top reasons to attend the conference:
  1. Connections. WPC is the place to connect, align, and strategize with the partners that benefit your business. They’re all in one place and they all care about one thing: creating revolutionary products and solutions within the Microsoft environment. Even in an age of virtual social networking, face-to-face engagement with like-minded visionaries in your field is a great way to spawn unexpected encounters with the potential to spark the innovation and momentum your business needs.

  3. Awards. Want to know who’s best in the world at what they do with emerging technologies, vertical markets, and services? NewsGator won Microsoft’s 2011 Partner of the Year award and is a finalist for Microsoft’s ISV-Software Solutions Industry Partner of the Year 2012. We keep a close eye on the field; being named an honoree is a great indicator of innovation, success, and being able to leverage the Microsoft ecosystem to best advantage. The exposure that comes from being a winner generates unparalleled buzz around your products, solutions, services, and business models.

  5. Strategic alignment. NewsGator makes the most of its time at WPC by meeting with analysts and Microsoft executives in strategic planning sessions. It’s a great place to give and receive specific information around roadmaps, innovation, and strategy — such as NewsGator’s integration with the next-generation Microsoft application stack. This is the place to discuss what will be, not what was. It’s at this conference where NewsGator works with Microsoft to develop and enhance features that will make social smarter and much more useful ; putting those capabilities into business applications tailored to specific workflows and industry verticals, such as social media monitoring for marketing and sales or social learning for manufacturing industries. At WPC, you can align your business plans with forward-thinking industry leaders to launch your business on a path to success.

  7. Show-and-Share. NewsGator uses the Solution Innovation Center to its best advantage:  showcasing the latest enterprise social innovations to the Microsoft partner community – creating valuable new relationships, partnerships, and customers. Walk around the Solution Innovation Center to catch a glimpse of where technology and innovation are headed.
Maximize your time by bringing your key players and planning ahead. What are your goals? Whom do you want to meet? What sessions will you attend? What do you want to learn? What do you want to share? Trust us—five days won’t be enough!
– Melissa​