Our team is multi-cultural and diverse. We have representation from many countries such as Brazil, England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, China and India just to name a few.
Last week Ajoy Krishnamoorthy sent out a note to our group to wear a kurta on Friday. I was excited about this as it’s such a great way to celebrate the global nature of Microsoft and the people that make it up. Below are pictures to share a few of us who make up such a wonderfully international team.
(From left to right, Sandeep Misra, Denise Clarke, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, and Shivaji Dutta)
(From left to right, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Crishna Bose-Bansal and Jon Roskill)
What garment celebrates your culture? Mine would be the Brazilian bikini, but you won’t catch me wearing that to the office!