Last year my company, Salem Consulting, attended our first Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. We had no idea of what to expect, how to approach the event or how to have a successful week. We simply knew we had to meet as many partners and Microsoft people as possible to introduce our brand and service offering.

In fact, our first WPC turned out to be hugely successful. We want to pass on our hard-gained knowledge to other new partners. But rather than merely writing a dusty old article, we decided to add some spice to our advice with animation.
We hope new visitors to WPC will follow some of our recommendations by planning early, getting prepared, bringing business cards, and putting in the legwork to make it their event.
A year ago, no one had heard of the Salem Process in the “Microsphere.” Today we are a successful international strategy brand for SharePoint partners and clients. That says something important about the power of WPC.
Best wishes for WPC,