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Having internal use rights (IURs) is one of the many great benefits of being a Microsoft Action Pack or competency partner. With your IURs, you and your team can use the latest Microsoft software to get firsthand knowledge of the cloud services and on-premises solutions your customers need. Research shows that by testing your new solutions and training your sales and marketing teams through your IUR benefits, you can sell up to three times more.

So, what are you waiting for?

How to make the most of your Internal Use Rights

If you’re not sure how to use your IURs, or even what internal use rights you’re entitled to, use these resources to start accessing and benefiting from your IURs:

1. Learn about your IUR benefits

Get insight into how IUR licenses are allocated using the license tables for Action Pack and Competency Partners.

Find out how many license grants you are entitled to, how to earn or purchase additional seats, what software solutions are available, even mix and match online and on-premise software licenses. Plus, competency partners can use the license table to see specific benefits, including solutions to help increase productivity.

Knowing which grants and how many you’re entitled to can be complicated; use these tables to understand the benefits you can be leveraging today.

2. Activate your IURs

Once you know what IURs you have, you’ll want to activate them right away.

Watch our step-by-step video to learn how to access and activate your IURs. From determining which IURs come with your membership, to how to retrieve them from the Digital Download Portal, this video breaks it all down. Use this video to find out the type and number of licenses of Office 365, Azure, Dynamics Online, and the Enterprise Mobility Suite your company can use to maximize productivity and sales.

3. Download the Program Administrator Guide to Software and Online Services Benefits

It’s crucial that you ensure your administrator understands how to be support your team as they use your company’s IUR benefits. Download the Program Administrator Guide to Software and Online Services Benefits for all the detailed information you need to make the most of your internal use rights.

Internal use rights are a great way to keep your team excited about and trained up on the technology solutions you sell and support—at no additional charge to you. Be sure to learn about all of your IUR benefits, and start using them to increase productivity and profitability today.

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