Getting your foot in the managed cloud services door – especially if it means significant change to your existing managed services business model – can be a challenge.
Once you’re ready to offer cloud managed services, where do you start?
I sat down with Nuvolex CEO Brian Hamel to discuss how his business helps partners find that start, and he offered his three-step approach for a successful transformation to cloud managed services.

Step one: Offer Exchange to Office 365 migration services

What’s one of the first applications most companies move when they shift from an on-premises environment to the cloud?
Email migration, Brian says, is definitely low-hanging fruit for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) wanting to start or build a managed services business around public cloud. Start with an on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration service as a first step.

Step two: Bundle Office 365 managed services

As you pitch customers email migration services, let your customer know you can also manage their email tenant on an ongoing basis. According to Brian, Office 365 Exchange management is a great first offering because no customers want to manage their tenant if they don’t have to, and you can leverage that reluctance starting from the first conversation. Offer to handle that administrative headache for a fraction of the cost of their Office 365 license.

The Nuvolex platform makes it possible
The Nuvolex platform is focused on automating highly repetitive tasks in Office 365 and greatly simplifying the user experience. This is what allows managed service providers to deliver very cost-effective Office 365 managed services.
With heavy service automation and a highly intuitive user interface, Nuvolex multi-tenant Office 365 management platform allows administrators to easily onboard any number of tenants and users and assign any number of licenses and Exchange attributes in, literally, a couple of mouse clicks. In the past, senior engineers had to write complex scripts to automate manually intensive tasks. Now all Office 365 Exchange administration can be handled by entry level staff. This dramatically lowers the cost to deliver the service and creates increased operating margins for the partners.
The platform helps you manage customers’ email tenants on an ongoing basis while keeping costs low. Because you can price your management service alongside the Microsoft Online Services as a single unified offering, your customers won’t think twice about it.
Plus, offered in 14 languages, their global platform enables you to deliver 24/7/365 support from the most cost-effective regions in the world, further driving down your operating costs and increasing your services margins.
Another benefit of the Nuvolex platform is the capacity for partners to white label and resell the platform to much larger Office 365 customers than they’ve been able to target in the past, such as those in enterprise, education, or government spaces. Large organizations have IT teams and don’t necessarily need a fully managed service, but the flexibility of the Nuvolex platform allows partners to offer them a “self-manage” portal. The heavy automation and enterprise-class features only available through the Nuvolex portal make it easier for these customers to manage their enormous user base, while partners provide critical usage reports and audit trails. The solution is both very cost-effective for enterprise companies and provides a high-margin business opportunity for partners.

Step three: Land and expand

Unlike migration services, Office 365 managed services allows partners to create that ongoing annuity stream that is critical to every business. Also unlike migration services, it establishes a continuous relationship with your customers.

Customers are already seeking out new solutions; it’s vital that each of us develop creative, adaptive business models to keep pace. Partnering with a company like Nuvolex not only helps partners begin their managed services business, it makes that business scalable and very profitable. As Nuvolex continues to offer more features and functionality on its platform, its partners can offer them to their customers.
To learn more about Nuvolex and how it can help your business build its cloud managed services offerings, visit their website.