Welcome to my new weekly column!

With the launch of the new Digital WPC – or Digital Worldwide Partner Community – we want to focus this experience on you, our partner community.
We know that your stories, ideas, and thoughts are vital to the texture and richness of this website and our partner community as a whole. To showcase this I’ve decided to start a weekly digest of some of the most interesting, compelling or thought-provoking blog posts from our partners.
My goal is to spotlight the top three posts from the past week for your reading pleasure every Thursday at 3AM PT. Think I’m crazy? Yes, but that’s part of what makes me interesting, right? But seriously, I also have SharePoint to schedule this post. Posting at this time means that all of you in Europe can take a mid-morning coffee (or tea!) break and browse the three posts your fellow partners have been sharing.
And the rest of us roll from there…
So for this week’s Three on Thursday:
  • The Role of WPC in Adopting Microsoft Cloud – I think this post is a MUST read if you have any doubts of a big bet on the cloud. It was just this bet that Aki’s company made back in 2010. He hasn’t looked back since.
  • Preparing for WPC 2012 – I don’t know about you, but for me, planning for WPC is like getting ready for a wedding. Only this is higher stakes—it’s planning for your business building experience. OK, maybe not higher stakes, but it’s just as important as wedding planning. The bottom line with WPC is that the better equipped you are to maximize your time, the better return on your investment. This post is by Kelvin, who is a long-time attendee and worldwide president of the IAMCP, meaning he knows how to make the most of it. This is your chance to learn from an expert.​​
That’s it for this week.