You’ve heard that saying: You have to play to win. And often to play you have to evolve your technique. This comes in the form of practice, staying informed, and working at it.

In my opinion? Lifetime learning is the name of the game.
This week’s Three on Thursday is about this very thing: Upping your game, playing to win, and speaking out when you think it’s critical to succeed.
Through lifetime learning: By building your business acumen, not missing a beat on the changes to the landscape, and giving feedback and digging into our programs to determine if we can make something happen that’s better; that’s the takeaway you’ll get from Jon Roskill, Jenni Flinders and Burke Fewel in their posts for this week.
  • Jenni Flinders tells you how to prepare for the upcoming season of launches with online guides, marketing campaigns, and exam pack offers.
  • Burke Fewel’s Training Spotlight gives more specifics on the roadmap and a guide that details the intricacies of all of the program changes and how they affect you.
  • Jon Roskill’s post is great, as he’s sharing how important he believes your partner feedback is to the Microsoft Partner Network —a key way that MPN continues its evolution.
So leave a note down in the comments: How do you plan to up your game?