My guidance to our internal bloggers is the importance of consistency in blogging. Don’t go dark, or as I often say, “Don’t go cobwebs and crickets.”  It’s important to keep the dialog going with the community. And so, my valued partners, I apologize that I have failed on delivering a Three on Thursday column since July 12th.
I have no excuse. I‘ve been focused on other post-WPC activities to make sure we keep the momentum.
Since it’s important to always listen to your feedback, I know one big piece of feedback that we received from many of you is the need to improve the discoverability of video on the site. We listened.
I spent the past couple of days with our development team putting the final steps on the improvements that are now on the site. We:
  1. Updated navigation from Media to Videos, so there is no question that videos are here!


  3. Created two separate libraries between 2012 and 2011 and distinguishing it as WPC collection so that you can better look for specific videos.
  5. Enabled “keyword” search to present videos based on metadata from titles to provide ease of video discoverability
They say life is a perpetual beta, and frankly, so are all things digital. Thank you for always being open with your feedback as this is how we can work quickly to improve experiences for you.
Next week, Three on Thursday will be revived. Hope you’ve had a terrific week.
- Kat