For this week’s three on Thursday, I want to highlight how boldness is manifesting through the Microsoft Partner Network ecosystem.

The first featured post is by Justin Pirie, Cloud Strategist with Mimecast, who has an interesting point of view on the importance of the Microsoft Store in the tech landscape. In a recent event at their local Microsoft store, Justin Pirie and Cloud Strategies hosted an event titled "Work Like Us."  These two partners showcased Microsoft business technology that demonstrated how they work every day with Microsoft technologies. I love the boldness of partners working together and the way they’re showing the crossover of business to consumer. He not only shares his experience, but also his impressions on how Microsoft is stepping into a bold era with the rollout of retail. Read more: Post-WPC thoughts: Microsoft becomes real
A key value of the Microsoft Partner Network overall is creating beneficial partner-to-partner relationships to boldly build business together, and for my other two featured posts, Josh Waldo has interviewed a couple of partner companies and highlighting this very bold move on both accounts.
Infusion: A Lesson in Selling Microsoft-based Cloud Solutions in Unfamiliar Verticals Markets highlights one partner’s ability to access new business verticals by adopting and implementing a Windows Azure platform that helped drive efficiency and increase savings.
In Microsoft Partner Helps Online Bookmaker to Bet on Windows Azure—and Both Win Big, Australian partner Breeze Training and Consultancy tells a success story about their move to implementing Windows Azure alongside other Microsoft partners, and the increased revenue and value they’ve seen in such a short period, post-delivery.
In business, in order to make real impact, you have to be bold as all of these featured posts demonstrate. What bold moves are you making in your business?
– Kat​