It’s been 28 days since WPC 2012 and I hope you’re all well on your way against the go dos that were called out during the keynotes, sessions, and meetings you had during the event. All of this is about the big opportunity out there, and the following blog posts provide great overview of some of the exciting prospects.

Here are this week’s three:
Jon Roskill offers resources for partners to prepare for a successful year and exciting launches, including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and Office 365 Open.
Julie Bennani covers competency changes coming up, and how they will help you evolve to better meet the needs of your customers.
Brigitte Hayes lists training resources for Windows Server 2012, which will be generally available on September 4 and is part of the rolling wave of product launches coming over the months to come. 
Yes, opportunity is knocking. Let’s start opening doors! And speaking of opening doors, the following 10 partners joined me at a LinkedIn session we held at WPC 2012. Congratulations to them for winning six months of premium account access on LinkedIn that will hopefully aid their efforts in opening doors to new customers.
Name Company Region
Niraj Soni Surevelox USA, Illinois
Ross Cook Caiman Consulting USA, Washington
Eden Stafford Nintex Australia, Melbourne
Roger Collins The CRM Consulting UK, Manchester
Maarten Eekels Portiva Netherlands
David Huth Proofpoint USA, California
Mike Gustavson Sea to Sky Network Solutions BC, Vancouver
Saravana Kumar BizTalk360 UK, London
Ric Opal Peters USA, Illinois
Eliza Hammer InnovativeSol USA, NY
Meanwhile, stick with us, more opportunity  to be shared with you!
 - Kat​