This week, the Worldwide Partner Group kicked off planning for WPC 2013 in Houston, and we’re counting on our ongoing collaboration with you to make next year’s conference the biggest and best ever. After all, as they say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!”

In addition to that, as part of our ongoing engagement that we have with our Microsoft partner community, we hosted members of the Partner Advisory Council (PAC), a group of various partners who offer us counsel on the direction we’re taking with our products and the business; I love these opportunities to connect with partners offline and face-to-face.
Yesterday and today, Kati Quigley, along with myself and other members of the WPC planning team, met with our specific WPC partner executive board. So between our meetings and the rest of the PAC meetings, a lot of input from your peers have been taken in for consideration.
We now know loud and clear that you all see such great value in WPC as it enables partners to:
  1. Learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for new products, solutions and technologies
  2. Find new ways to increase the profitability of your Microsoft business
  3. Meet one-on-one with a Microsoft executive
So, in the spirit of the discussions with partners this week, and the community coming together, here are this week’s three: 
  • Relive the Highlights and Take a Sweet Bite of WPC12– WPC Experience Ambassador Kati Quigley highlights one of the sessions from WPC12, Chocolate, It’s not just for Breakfast Anymore: Sweet Bites of Sales Advice, and shares how she’s applying her learnings to WPC13 planning. The key takeaway is the importance of community, specifically leveraging your social graph for new business opportunities. This is something we’re taking very seriously as we work toward creating an improved community experience for next year’s event.
  • Find and Retain Talent in the New Era – Kati recaps several WPC12 sessions addressing the talent gap. This is a recurring concern with partners, and one we’re working hard to address. Our ongoing focus on Capacity, Capability, and Commitment is never clearer than at WPC, where Microsoft executives, partners, and industry thought leaders share key insights to help transform your business. With one of the top reasons for attendance being “find new ways to increase the profitability of my Microsoft business”, you can bet we’ll have more enlightening sessions planned for Houston
I’m now in the Houston spirit; in fact, I’m currently planning out my hairstyles—maybe a bouffant? Are you? Well, if you haven’t already taken advantage of our WPC pre-registration offer, perhaps you’ll be more inspired to save US$400 after reading the top three posts for this week.
Lone Star State, here we come!