I live in Washington state, and when the weather reporter says it’s cloudy, I think, oh, too bad. But in the case of the skies over Redmond, WA, the cloudy outlook equals major partner opportunity. And you’ll understand why in this week’s Thursday roundup.


  •  The battle for VOIP is Here: Ross Brown is one of the best bloggers here in the Worldwide Partner Group. In this post, not only does he talk about why partners love Lync, he also gives you the scoop on how you can earn additional revenue through SIP. Plus he throws out a big fifty-cent word just to help you expand your vocabulary.
  • Training Spotlight: Windows Intune Readiness: Brigitte Hayes, who writes one of the most popular regular weekly series, shares how you can prepare to deploy and sell the latest release of Windows Intune. And while on the subject of Windows Intune … Don’t miss today’s MPN Live episode: “The Windows Intune Advantage.” We’ll go live at 12:00 PM PDT on our Facebook page and also we’ll stream to our home page. Be sure to Watch & Win for your chance to BYOD to WPC – we’ll be giving away a new Nokia Lumia 900. (MPN Live details and sweepstakes rules here: http://bit.ly/KSj0vb) Of course, #MPNLive is where you can follow the chatter on Twitter.
  • New Cloud Solutions and Revenue Streams for Nintex—and You: Last, but certainly NOT least, Josh Waldo spotlights Microsoft partner Nintex and how they’re boosting their business and creating additional revenue opportunities for other partners in the cloud.
Now, that gives everyone a reason to love cloudy skies. And not one mention of rain, either.
See you at 12:00 PM PDT for MPN Live!