​I love a good launch! I’ve been working in technology and marketing for what seems like a lifetime now and when good products are being launched to customers, well, I just say: “Yay!”

So on this auspicious Thursday, with the recent launch of Windows Server 2012, I wanted to highlight information and resources shared through recent posts that can help you take advantage of the tremendous opportunities offered.
Jon Roskill always has insightful points of view for you. In this post he writes about the numerous opportunities available to all partners on a global level, and why this is such an important release—especially as we continue to exist within the IT world of today. It also features a superb infographic highlighting the savings and benefits of implementing Windows Server 2012. This would be a good thing to share with your customers.
And in the spirit of getting you ready for the sale, my other two featured posts today are Brigitte Hayes’ Training Spotlight editions that call out training resources, including exams and sales training courses to get you off and running with selling and implementing Windows Server 2012.
 So, once more with feeling! Yay!
– Kat​