In light of the recent rollout of the new Microsoft logo, I thought it would be good to revisit three posts that get at recent changes both with the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) brand, and how we receive and consider your important partner feedback.

  • In the heat of summer, we’re working hard to make Houston HOT in 2013!

    Kati Quigley who is the senior director focused on all the important matters related to our partner community, including our signature partner event, summarizes her response to your partner evaluations from the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). Kati speaks to the importance of the evaluations and how that partner feedback is directly affecting the changes made to WPC 2013 to improve the overall partner experience. Not only is she incredibly open to your feedback, but as many of you know, as your community representative, I also listen to your feedback and am an advocate for your ideas and feedback within building 121 here in Redmond.

  • You spoke, we listened: the new MPN brand

    In this week’s second article, Karl Noakes speaks to changes for the MPN brand logo. In reviewing this post, I also read quite a few of the comments that many of you left for his blog. I assure you that we’ve shared that feedback with Karl, and it’s precisely that feedback that also inspired Karl’s latest post, which is the third featured blog for this week.

  • Our new look

    If you haven’t had a moment yet, please be sure to take one to read Karl’s thoughts on our new company logo. The new Microsoft logo offers a clean, visual representation of the new era we’re in, while drawing on the past 25 years of our evolution as a company. Karl also touches on a few points that tie back to some of your comments on the new MPN brand logo.

Yes, change is the only constant. While we always want to minimize the amount of change that can adversely affect your business, we do think that all this change is setting us up for the amazing present time we’re now in – that means incredible business opportunity for you and for us here at Microsoft.
By the way, can you guess what song kept going through my mind as I wrote this post? It ends with this line: “I said that time may change me. But I can’t trace time.”

– Kat​