Three on Thursday is back with the posts that resonated most with your fellow partners this week. The Digital WPC blog is rich in useful information on how you can create opportunities and wins. Partners are constantly reading, using and sharing this knowledge. And here is where I pass the most shared posts on to you.

This week’s column features illuminating selections that get you thinking. Enjoy a range of topics, from how to use your WPC experience to create better opportunities to an exciting new partner adoption program to the story of how one partner company’s changes are leading to great success. Here they are, the three most shared posts of the week:
  • Solution Incentives Program – Ross Brown, our vice president focused on partner strategy, has been keeping busy. Ross is working internally on creating a better economic story for partners who invest early in driving sales efforts for new and emerging Microsoft products. We’ve seen rapid partner adoption of the program, and this informative post explains why. 
  • IMGROUP Seeing Success in the Cloud – Microsoft executive Josh Waldo met with members from a UK-based partner company on a recent business trip. In the post, he highlights the business model changes they’ve instituted, as well as the investments they’ve made. You’ll learn how these actions have helped yield positive business outcomes for this partner.
That’s this week’s Three on Thursday. Now it’s your turn! Let me know about the opportunities and wins you’re experiencing in your company. Partner comments are my favorite parts of blogging, and I look forward to you sharing your experiences below.