I am a busy lady with WPC planning, as you can imagine … We have a lot of fabulous experiences in the works for you at this year’s conference in Toronto.

And with all the excitement, I just have to say that I’m really jazzed about the Small Business Competency and the value it’s going to bring for your business.
This week’s three are all about it – right down to the announcement with a special offer, an overview of the changes, and tips on how you can get ready!
  • MPN Silver Small Business Competency Now Available!! Julie’s post announces the official launch of the Small Business Competency, as well as a US $999 limited-time offer for the Silver Small Business Competency fee, which is worth the investment given the benefits – which you’ll learn more about in our second featured post …
  • Some additional information, a Q&A, on the Small Business Competency This informative post, brought to you by Eric Ligman, explains how the new competency differentiates from the Small Business Specialist Community. Definitely a must-read to understand how this change is favorable for SBSC partners.
  • Training Spotlight: Small Business Competency Readiness  In Julie’s post you read about the announce, Eric gave you the download on the changes, and last we leave you with Brigitte, who shares the scoop on what you need to do to prepare.
So off I go to continue preparing for WPC—and boy, is there a lot of show planning to do! For starters, we’ll have MPN Live coming to you three times daily from Toronto. Oh, while on the topic of MPN Live and Small Business Competency, don’t forget to watch the special episode we did.
Sixteen days until we catch up. You’re meeting me in Toronto, right?