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Microsoft Office 365 is a productivity generating machine. With 60 million monthly active Office 365 commercial customers, the world is loving the increased efficiency, ease, and flexibility. But with hectic schedules and meetings all day, many users are barely scratching the surface of all the benefits this powerful solution has to offer.

What if you knew—and could share with your customers—a whole slew of tips, tricks, little-known functionalities, and I-didn’t-know-it-did-that features that make Office even better?

Would you sell more? Earn more active usage and consumption? Do more within your own team? Probably.

So what are you waiting for?

Do more with Office 365 productivity hacks

You’ve heard of “life hacks,” those Internet videos showing someone turning a pool noodle into dinner for six? Well, here are some Office 365 productivity hacks to make your customers even happier.

1. Get organized with Microsoft Planner

Businesses have a lot of moving parts, and staying organized is one of the key challenges individuals, teams, departments, and organizations face. Microsoft Planner makes it easier for teams to communicate, plan, collaborate, and stay on track—potentially saving their organization both time and money. With Planner, groups can easily make a plan that allows them to work together on files, even attach photos and files, add comments, flag tasks with labels, track progress on their plan, and send updates. The easy-to-use plan board lets you see the tasks within a plan, group related tasks in a “bucket,” assign tasks to team members, and more.

Learn more about this powerful Office 365 capability so you can comfortably demonstrate it to your customers (and bring it in-house for your own benefit). The Planner announcement blog has a lot of additional details, and you can also do a deep dive into a demo of the product. The Planner is a great new tool, so be sure your customers are the first to know about it—from you.

2. Know the new functions and features first

The Office 365 Blog is a great resource for keeping up with upgrades and staying ahead of the competition. With information on new features, functions, upgrades and improvements, the Office 365 blog is your go-to source to find out what’s new and how to talk to your customers about it.

For example, consider how much time can get wasted just trying to schedule an appointment. Calendars are consulted, emails fly back and forth with lots of “How about Tuesday at 2?” and “Sorry, that won’t work—Thursday at 10?” before you finally settle on a date and time. But did you know about Microsoft Bookings? This awesome service takes a lot of the time-consuming back-and-forth out of trying to schedule an appointment by providing a unique web page that’s basically a self-serve scheduler. Imagine the efficiency and ease of designating your availability, then letting the calendar take care of itself! This is just one example of the great information you can find on the Office 365 blog. Check back often for tips and announcements from our Office 365 product teams!

3. Educate your customers

Innovations come fast these days, and your customers may not have the time or expertise to keep up . If you can show them how a particular solution addresses their particular problem, you’re much more likely to close the sale. The Business Anywhere materials in ModernBiz provide great conversation starters so you can share with customers how Office 365 and other Microsoft solutions enable them to do business … well, anywhere.

You’ve told us you want to expand your Office 365 practice, serve (even wow!) your customers even more, and be more profitable: Office 365 productivity hacks can help you achieve all those goals. These resources will help you discover, master, and communicate the amazing features and functions that make Office 365 even richer and more productive for your customers.

What features and functions of Office 365 have you found particularly valuable? Share them with us and your MPN partners in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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