Did you know we have a new Partner of the Year award this year? As you may have seen from recent Microsoft Sponsored Research, 2 of the 4 key pillars of the Modern Microsoft Partner’s success are modernizing marketing and sales, and building lifetime value with customers. It’s a vital part of remaining profitable in today’s ever-changing, fast-moving cloud market, and we wanted to recognize a partner who is doing this really well.

So this year, to highlight our partners who are using modern marketing methods to educate, interact with, and build lifetime value with their customers, we introduced the Modern Marketing Partner of the Year Award.

By clearly showing their value proposition to customers and focusing on key customer profiles, PowerObjects, a Dynamics CRM partner based in Minneapolis, Minnesota with branch offices throughout the US, was named the inaugural winner of the award.

What we can learn from PowerObjects about modern marketing

PowerObjects exhibits end-to-end engagement across multiple touchpoints with customers, using modern marketing tools and a sophisticated use of CRM (it’s in their DNA). Here are some of the ways they do it:

1. Make marketing part of your company culture and brand

It all comes from the company culture and brand. At PowerObjects, the entire organization lives and breathes CRM and customer experience. To represent their brand and culture, PowerObjects has created a persona called “joeCRM,” that represents the company. You will find Joe almost anywhere PowerObjects is meeting with customers. They even brought Joe to WPC.

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Inspire your sales and marketing teams to work together. Ask all of your teams to take your company’s marketing efforts into consideration in their day-to-day efforts to truly modernize your marketing.

2. Give, give, give

According to Jeff Wedren, Director of Marketing at PowerObjects, much of their strategy is centered around the mantra “give, give, give.”

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PowerObjects provides a digital home base on their website and gives a ton of relevant content away for free, establishing a voice of authority and educating their prospect base. The blog on their website is their main source of fresh and educational content. With 1.2 million views on their website and triple the time spent by prospects in 2015, they’re definitely getting eyes and attention!

Streaming original, fresh video content has been a game-changer for PowerObjects as well. Since investing in an onsite video production studio and a video producer to provide their customers with even more in-depth content, the team has seen their content shared 110,000 times on social media outlets. Check out their video collection to see some great examples of how they are making it happen.

3. Use your marketing to gain customer insights

Of course, all lead sources and leads generated make their way to PowerObjects’ CRM system, where the company uses the products and solutions they sell inside the company. This serves as a great example for their customers. According to Wedren, every piece of content created feeds information into their CRM system—now, that is true modern marketing!

For more information on how PowerObjects strategically manages their marketing efforts, check out the full story as told by PowerObjects themselves.

Congratulations to PowerObjects and all our finalists on setting the bar so high for next year’s winner!

Have you used tips like these to grow your marketing strategy? Do you plan to? Let us know in the comments below.


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