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In this crazy-competitive marketplace, staying ahead of the competition means constantly learning, adding new skills and knowledge, and keeping your teams sharp and up-to-date. If you’re interested in brushing up on your Enterprise Mobility Management or would like to earn the EMM competency, we’ve got some resources that can help you!

Here are three Learning Paths to profitability and productivity:

1. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite deployment training

The Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) team has just updated existing products and added some new modules that can help you polish your EMS deployment skills. The new module, covering deployment of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, includes:

  • Azure Active Directory Connect Health
  • Microsoft Intune Hybrid Mobile Device Management with SCCM
  • Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Management without Device Enrollment

If you already have the EMM competency, particularly if you’re a Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) for customers, the new Level 300 training will help you stay current on the latest product updates.

If you’re a Devices & Deployment or Cloud Productivity partner, this training is a great way to get started adding EMS to your business and move into the enterprise security market!

Once you’ve completed the training, consider taking the assessments for the Enterprise Mobility Management competency and add secure mobility management solutions to your offerings.

2. EMS and Office 365 sales training

Cross selling is a powerful way not only to make more money but also to enrich your relationship with your customer and increase their total lifetime value. The Enterprise Mobility Suite and Office 365 Sales training helps you uncover cross selling opportunities, then make the pitch and respond to potential objections. The course from Drumbeat includes cross selling of Office 365 with CRM Online, EMS, Project and Portfolio Management and Visio solutions.

3. EMS Cloud Solution Provider training

Interested in becoming a Cloud Solution Partner? You’ll definitely want to review the EMS Cloud Solution Partner training. Get an overview of Enterprise Mobility from apps to IoT, including connected devices with Azure and expanding Office 365 with EMS. You’ll get a great grounding in Cloud Mobility Security, which is a hot topic for many customers with device-toting employees. Set their security concerns to rest with Multi-Factor Authentication and Azure Rights Management Services core skills.

Staying ahead of the competition doesn’t have to be difficult—the training we offer is on-demand, and you can tailor it to fit your company’s needs as you grow. Check out the MPN 101 Learning Plan video to see how to create your own Learning Plan and track your progress.

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