​Here in the US, we pause today with family and friends to give thanks. As I look ahead to hectic holidays and the start of a new year, Thanksgiving is my favorite time to reflect, recharge, and get excited about the changes I’ll make in the coming year.  So while we’re on the topic, let me share with you my Three on Thursday that will help my business (and yours) in the year ahead.

  • Reconnect with clients to discuss the new Microsoft products.  From Surface and Windows 8 to modern Office and the new server platforms, never before has there been so much for you to share with your clients.  As their trusted advisor, now is a great time for you to help them discover all the new features and the great business value these new products can deliver. Circle back to those clients and initiate a technology review to define the strategic ways they can leverage the new Microsoft products in 2013. 
  • Reclaim your partnership with Microsoft.  In talking with other partners this past week, it reminded me that we all get so busy with our businesses that we don’t take full advantage of the valuable resources that we have available to us as Microsoft partners.  Take the time to reclaim the benefits that you’ve worked hard to earn.  Refresh your Pinpoint profile to reflect your business changes over the past year.  Make your plans to attend the 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston. And evaluate how your company can use the wide variety of sales and marketing assets available to you such as marketing development funds, ready-to-go campaigns, and local initiatives such as the Microsoft Community Connections program.  By fortifying your partnership with Microsoft now, you’ll be equipped for success in 2013.
  • Finalize your strategic vision for 2013.  Now is the time to prepare for next year’s success.  When will you implement the new Microsoft products internally?  How will using these new products improve the way you do business?  How will you adjust to changes in the industry, economy, and technology?  How will you exceed last year’s expectations?  By revitalizing your strategic vision now, you’ll be set to outperform competitors who don’t share your readiness and outpace the industry during economic unpredictability. Be ready for growth and success in the year ahead.  
As a longtime Microsoft partner, I believe in the concept of T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More).  In 2013, resolve to network and engage with other Microsoft partners to enable new opportunities for continued success.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US partners and good fortune to all partners in the year ahead!