Hi partners!


What an inspiring final day at the Air Canada Centre yesterday. I was motivated by Jon Roskill and Kevin Turner’s presentations and inspired by what Deepak Chopra said about leadership and focusing on the present. I was also very surprised and honored to be called up on stage and recognized – a special thank you to all of YOU for your support and attendance at this incredible partner conference. YOU are what makes this event what it is.
As you may have seen, Microsoft revealed the true value of the Microsoft Partner Network based on a recently completed study by IDC. IDC believes that a 50-person Microsoft partner organization with approximately US$5-10M in revenue and 2-5 competencies can realize US$320,000 in value directly attributable to MPN benefit utilization. WOW! It definitely pays to be a partner.
I hope you gained some valuable insights over the last several days as Microsoft revealed several new programs and exciting announcements. It’s been incredible to see the number of meetings that have been taking place and the beneficial interactions you all have had.
Today are the Regional Keynotes and I hope you enjoy hearing from your regional leads about initiatives they are planning locally. Then, this evening, we’ll celebrate together at Polson Pier as we listen to the sounds of Train in a nightclub-style atmosphere.
Take Note: every hotel will have transportation provided to Polson Pier via a marked bus beginning at 6:45 p.m. Return transportation will be provided until 10:15 p.m., immediately following the entertainment.
I am looking forward to celebrating this incredible week we’ve had.
Don’t forget to complete your session evaluations! This can be done via WPC Connect when you login to the session you attended.  Remember – when you provide your feedback, we’ll donate $1.00 for each session evaluation completed and $5.00 for each overall evaluation completed to Boys and Girls Club and/or Children’s Miracle Network!
Last, I hope you are as excited as I am about WPC 2013 in Houston! I can’t wait to share some fun facts about Houston with you later today so that we can keep the momentum going and energy high as we think about how incredible WPC will be next year!
See you tonight at Polson Pier!