​Hello Partners!
Those of you who have successfully bet big on Microsoft solutions have made gains in your markets, and we want to help you continue to compete against competitors like Google, AWS and VMware. Microsoft is a trusted brand with the largest partner ecosystem in the industry, one that sets the standard for partner channels. Currently, over 350,000 partners are transacting with Microsoft—and for good reason, as Microsoft provides the broadest array of products and solutions within one company and offers powerful hybrid cloud solutions that customers want and need.
WPC attendance helps you hone your competitive strategy by building your expertise and arming you with advance insights. With so many industry leaders and partners together in one place, WPC provides excellent opportunities to build your strategic plan.
At WPC, you’ll hear from executives about the biggest areas of opportunity ahead and how partners can use Microsoft solutions to position themselves for strong growth in new focus areas. Microsoft’s cloud strategy, for instance, is unique in its differentiated cloud solutions tailored to meet all manner of customer needs. At WPC, you’ll learn about the cloud business opportunity, its growth projections and how you can take advantage of Microsoft cloud offerings to build a profitable business.
WPC also provides incredible opportunity to meet with fellow partners and Microsoft employees face-to-face, allowing you to develop your network with others who have a deep understanding of the Microsoft business. You can’t help discovering opportunities for collaboration with your new connections to expand your business’s capabilities when at WPC.
Partners say that having a closer relationship with Microsoft and collaborating with other partners can increase your knowledge of competitive solutions and expand opportunities for selling joint solutions, in turn expanding your business. Partner communities and organizations like the IAMCP will be on site at WPC and can become a competitive advantage for your business. Join these organizations to enhance your relationship with Microsoft and get an inside view into business opportunities and additional ways to engage.
Find out how to increase your Microsoft offerings to provide broader solutions to your customers at WPC, including technical immersion sessions on your core solution offerings, interactive presentations on business strategy and development, inspiring addresses from industry thought leaders, and the chance to learn from exhibitors’ successes.
The chance to attend WPC is an advantage of your partnership with Microsoft that gives you a competitive edge. Register today to commit to WPC’s unique, in-person opportunities for building your business. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando, Florida, July 12-16.
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