As we landed the new competency requirements in the Microsoft Partner Network in November 2010, we have heard from some partners that they are still not clear on the value of a silver competency vs. Action Pack subscriptions. The time and effort involved in achieving a competency is significant and we want every partner to have a clear picture of the advantages and benefits a silver competency provides.

Partners consistently tell us that the network delivers four things they really value:
  1. Customer-facing Microsoft branding /differentiation
  3. Internal Use Rights for software
  5. Technical and Sales Training
  7. Technical and Sales Support
Attaining a silver competency provides substantial additional benefits to partners on all of these fronts. By earning a silver competency, partners receive:
  1. A Customer-facing brand for the specific competency– demonstrating your expertise to customers and providing differentiation in Microsoft’s online marketplaces
  3. IUR scales up considerably vs. our subscription offerings—you can support up to a 25 person company versus 10
  5. Virtual and in person training is “discounted” via a variety of mechanisms and having technical certification based on the latest products in market provides further differentiation
  7. Benefits are greatly enriched such as free deal support (pre-sales) for deals >$3K as well as additional deployment support. Pre-sales support can quickly give you the confidence to discuss capabilities, value props and key benefits of Microsoft products and solutions.
Did you know that there are there over 650,000 partners in Microsoft’s channel alone, but only 30,000 (5%) partners worldwide have distinguished themselves as having attained a high degree of proficiency with a Microsoft silver competency? This a prime opportunity to differentiate your business.
We have additional differentiated value planned in the future so stay tuned, but this is a very valuable and visible place for our partners to land with us.
Do you plan on earning a competency? How has a silver competency enabled your business?
Best Regards,