In your experience selling Microsoft Office, you’ve probably seen this scenario play out many times: your customer would really like to benefit from the productivity solution you could provide, but they’re just too small to meet the IT and server requirements. By putting Office in the cloud, Office 365 changes that.

Your New Customers—Small and Medium-size Businesses
Unlike selling Office, which requires two distinct sales motions—servers, and product—Office 365 allows you to get directly to the heart of the matter: productivity. Put small business customers at ease right out of the gate, and assure them that secure, financially-backed storage of their data, is not an on-premise concern for them any longer. Your customers are eager to see exactly what Office 365 can do for their business, and it’s easy for you to show them. Just visit Office 365 at the Demo Showcase and create a customized simulation.
Turning Potential into Value: Managed Services, Advisor Fees
With the familiar dilemmas of limited server infrastructure, inadequate IT staff and expenses, and inability to afford a conventional productivity solution resolved, you’ll be able to recommend an affordable—and powerful—cloud-based solution to customers of any size. As you expand your customer range, the flexibility of Office 365’s new price points will enable you to sell unique solutions which yield advisor fees and continuing revenue from managed services.
Take a look at this presentation for an overview of what Office 365 will mean for your partner business.
Expanding Your Reach=Growing Your Business
Now that your customer base has been broadened by selling Office 365, it’s time to think long-term growth. Every satisfied customer using one of your new solutions is a part of several communities of small business. At the face to face at the local level, and online at a regional—even global—level your customers will be networking and sharing their experiences with and Office 365 and the company that brought it to them. Capitalizing on this market potential will become a key way to grow your business. And by establishing relationships with new customers through Office 365, then developing those relationships to include your full range of billable services, you’ll find that growth providing continuing returns.​