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imageWelcome to 2012, everyone! I certainly hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and New Year’s Day. To kick off the 2012 year, I thought it might be fun to look back at 2011 quickly to see which of the posts here on the blog you all came to and visited the most. With that, below is a list of the top 50 posts here on my blog from 2011. Was one of these your favorite post from 2011? Plus, just for fun, I have the all-time top 25 list included below the Top 50 of 2011 list.
Now I wonder what your favorite post from 2012 will be? I guess we’ll have to take another look back in 12 months to find out together. One thing is for sure though, it is all of you that will determine it. Smile Speaking of which, are there particular topics or items you’d like to see more posts about here on the blog? Is there something in particular that I cover through my Twitter account or my LinkedIn account that you’d like to see more of here on the blog? If so, let me know.
I thought it would also be interesting to update the top posts of all-time on the blog are to see if any of the 2011 posts cracked into the top 25. Now, the 2011 posts obviously haven’t had as much time to gain readers as earlier posts (since they were put up later), but as we all know, time is not the only factor in determining what people read and what attracts viewers. Below are the top 25 posts of all-time on my blog, many of which my long-time readers will probably remember; however, for the new followers, they may be ones you did not see before. Interesting to see what you all have been reading the most. While none of the 2011 posts made the all-time top 25 list yet, there are a few that already made the all-time top 50 list and are working their way up.
Note: The rankings above are based on number of people visiting my blog online to read the posts, not offline in their email or RSS reader through their subscriptions to the blog.
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