Six years ago, US partner Champion Solutions Group made a bold move to the cloud. To drive cloud adoption and gain critical traction within this new market, they created a separate, cloud-focused team: MessageOps. Composed of 25 people, the MessageOps team is growing rapidly – and Champion is now at the cutting edge of partners around the world. The group achieved nearly 80 percent revenue growth in the past two years, and almost 30 percent YTY growth this fiscal year.
There are four key pillars of success for cloud partners – Creating Scale, Developing Focus, Increasing Value and Creating Stickiness – and Champion is addressing all of them. I had the pleasure of connecting with Lisa Cuthbertson, Champion’s VP of Sales Operations, at WPC this year to learn more about their cloud strategy. Check out what I learned from her about best practices:
Champion’s innovation didn’t stop with MessageOps, however. With Champion’s Office 365 Adoption Bundle, a key component of the group’s Change Management Services, customers get value quickly from the entire Office 365 stack. Within this solution is, a corporate intranet/SharePoint site that provides a single portal for Office 365 education, a self-service IT help desk, internal marketing, and gamification. This offering expedites the learning and adoption of Office 365 into an organization and provides additional services opportunities for the partner community.
This type of company-wide focus on driving customer adoption is what makes Champion stand out from the competition.
“You want that customer for life. But it is more than the solutions that you sell. It is the ongoing communications and education that you provide them. If a customer is purchasing a license for something and they are not fully utilizing it, they are not getting the true business value out of it,” Lisa Cuthbertson said.
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