Before going to the Worldwide Partner Conference, I was a little bit skeptical about the possibilities and the benefits of taking several leaders from the company to the event. What a pleasant surprise it was to realize that everything went great! As a member of the Mexican Partner Network, we had already been part of local Partner Conferences and Events, but our expectations were gladly surpassed when we recall all the experiences, insight, networking and amazing friendships we made at this year’s WPC!

Personally, I had the opportunity to meet people who are working with Microsoft’s government initiatives. Their conferences were very insightful and, as a leader of the R&D area, I had the chance of having one on one conversations with the speakers. What amazes me is that several nearby attendees happened to be the very people with whom we wanted to develop business relationships. The networking and ideas for business we discussed were well worth the time spent at WPC. I also spoke with several other Software Architects just like me, and we discussed a number of interesting topics. The knowledge, ideas and advice that came out of these personal interactions were substantially meaningful when it comes to important decision-making for Solucionic.
Our team attended regional parties and networked at the regional lounges, which both provided us ways to contact key people for our expansion plans in other countries and even in our local region. The world seems so small when you find yourself talking to the right people in the right place at the right time.
I would definitively encourage other companies to be a part of WPC because you’ll create business relationships, spot trending topics in the Microsoft’s agenda, make new friends and have tons of fun at the parties! 
Don’t miss out next time if you haven’t been there yet!