Is your digital advertising budget allocated to get the best returns for your money? According to eMarketer, in 2014, the majority of small businesses spent most of their digital marketing budget on streamlining their websites, with search advertising and social media receiving less attention. However, with mobile search expected to surpass searches done from desktops1, it might be time to adjust your digital advertising budget to match consumer behavior. Here are some things to think about as you revisit – or implement – your digital advertising strategy for 2015.
Mobile changes everything
With mobile search, customers are not always looking for your website2. Instead, they’re often looking for an address or phone number, and they shouldn’t need to go to your website to get it. Search advertising puts your information in front of customers at the point of search, making it easier for them to choose you over your competitor.
You should also consider optimizing that beautiful, streamlined website for mobile. With more and more business being done on the go, you want your site to load quickly and be easy to read and navigate through on a mobile device.
Finally, don’t neglect social media. In 2014, social channels got the smallest portion of small companies’ digital advertising budgets; however, social is a good way to round out lead generation marketing tactics.
Cost-effective advertising
One easy and cost-effective way to get in front of potential customers is through Bing Ads. The Yahoo Bing Network has 167 million unique searchers and 29% market share in the US3, making Bing Ads a great way to capitalize on the mobile search trend to increase brand awareness. And since you only pay when a searcher clicks your ad, you’re likely paying less for more high-quality leads. Additionally, with new features such as phone, location, site extensions and Bing Places for Business, your ads have the ability to reach searchers on the go.
How to bring in Bing Ads
Like all marketing efforts, digital advertising works best when you have a strategy and plan. Following are webinars designed to help you learn how to launch a great search marketing campaign this year:
We want you to be successful in your digital marketing efforts, so we’re making it even easier for you to try out search advertising: start your New Year with a $250 Bing Ads trial coupon.
More digital marketing resources for partners
To round out your 2015 digital marketing mix, the Microsoft Partner Network offers a variety of resources for other digital channels. Resources such as campaigns, web content, marketing services and more are available on the Partner Market Center site. Partners can even take advantage of special campaigns like DigitalStride, which can help improve the discoverability of your website with an SEO assessment.
If one of your 2015 goals is to diversify your digital marketing strategy, the Microsoft Partner Network and Bing Ads are making it easy to check this off your list.

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