Starting today, the new Office 365 unlocks a whole new suite of capabilities for our customers, and a whole new opportunity for our partners, with new innovations for Enterprise Voice, meetings, personalized and organizational insights, security and compliance. These new innovations and capabilities are coming to market as standalones and packaged as Office 365 Enterprise E5. Learn more about these capabilities here.

For partners, this means one thing – opportunity. There are a few specific ways you can maximize this opportunity with new and existing customers.

Upsell your existing customers on meetings and voice in the cloud

Customers stand to greatly simplify their infrastructure with a single solution for meetings and voice – one that’s integrated with their cloud productivity solution. Show your customers how Office 365 can help their users connect and collaborate from anywhere using virtually any device, with reduced management overhead and reduced total cost of ownership.

Reach new customers with advanced security, analytics, insights and compliance features

Security and privacy are among the top considerations for customers contemplating a move to the cloud. This release makes Office 365 the most secure Office ever, providing customers with more transparency and more control over their data in Office 365. Moreover, customers can leverage Power BI Pro and Delve analytics for personalized insights and organizational analytics.

Build or expand new practices around new customer scenarios

Our continued innovation in Office 365 enables new customer scenarios. This opens new possibilities for your own business, building project services, managed services or IP services around these scenarios. You can build services around Power BI Pro that help your customers discover new stories in their own data, or around Cloud PBX to enable and extend a modern voice and meeting solution.

Your opportunity around the new Office 365 doesn’t stop with your own capabilities. By collaborating with partners who specialize in specific areas like Advanced Security, eDiscovery, business intelligence or Enterprise Voice and meetings, you can ensure your customers get the most value from Office 365. We’re helping you team up with these specialized partners via and Dynasource.

These partnerships can help you find and acquire new customers, and the extraordinary value of these new Office 365 capabilities will help you to keep them. This is perhaps our best opportunity yet to convince customers that the benefits of the cloud far outweigh the risks.