The C in DWPC Series – Part 2

This second post from our series provides you with the “making of” highlights for the Digital Worldwide Partner Community (Digital WPC) hub. Today the focus is the “Communities” section.
Community Defined

Because I’m a pictures and words person, when I am working on a project or strategy, I often refer to the dictionary to gain insight from the textbook definition.
When we set out to build a community area, I thought closely about this definition, particularly the part that defines community as “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.”
Within the Microsoft Partner Network, we have communities w​ithin the community—from the developer to industry-related partner communities, to partners as defined by geographic location or solution. When we concepted the Communities section, our intention was to create a landing page for specific communities where conversation and content would be curated for commentary and connection, especially based on areas of interest.
Because we’re right in the middle of our pre-WPC event period, we want to make sure that we are rolling out content for your geographic community.
Worldwide Partners

For our partners based in the United States, Diane Golshan and I worked closely to make sure that we created an experience that brings all of the community content to one place. As our hosts for WPC, our Canadian team is sharing what they’re doing to receive you in Toronto, and using the media widget to share their videos.
More communities are coming online with the newly launched pages for the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Germany. Pages for the Netherlands, France, Australia, and India are also coming soon. Your region/subsidiary will definitely appear in the coming week or two. That way, when you come here to access updates and information related to the community, you’ll also find your local Microsoft team here.
We plan to expand these areas to address other business focuses, such as partner-type or products. It’s going to evolve beautifully with time.
The Difference Between Digital WPC and the MPN Portal

When comparing Digital WPC and the Microsoft Partner Network portal, think of it this way:
Digital WPC is where we talk about what we’re doing together—we tell stories and share our experience. The MPN portal is where you (or the program administrator in your company) will go to take care of managing your business relationship with Microsoft. Here you’ll get information about your program, training, important tasks, and specifics of your benefits and what you need to do to achieve competencies.
Community is about an engaged group of people exchanging information, ideas, and supporting each other. I hope that you’ll find that community experience here. I am working hard with our team behind-the-scenes to bring it to you.
Of course, I always invite you to share your thoughts on community in the comment area below.