Hello Partners!

As you may know, we’ve streamlined the number of tracks at WPC 2014 to just five key areas that represent where the opportunities are for partners. Today, I’d like to provide more detail on the Leadership, Sales & Marketing track.
The Leadership track has been described as a conference within a conference. It is the place where partners can hear about the latest trends and discover strategies to grow their businesses. The track includes four component areas that support the overall theme of leadership: Leadership, Emerging Leaders, Sales, and Marketing.
  1. In the Leadership focus area, partners will learn about recruiting and motivating people, building effective teams, working with Microsoft, and moving customers to the cloud, as a few examples.
  2. The Emerging Leaders focus area contains content targeted at high potential employees and existing leaders at partner organizations. It offers a deep dive into foundational concepts for future leadership roles.
  3. In the Sales focus area, partners will learn how to improve their sales performance by maximizing new customer growth, selling future technologies to existing customers and positioning themselves best in a competitive situation.
  4. The Marketing focus area will help you understand and leverage social media technologies, practical tactics to garner customer loyalty, helpful networking strategies and more, all designed to increase your visibility and ‘find-ability’ in this ever-increasingly-digital marketing universe.
We have heard from partners that they do not have the time or means to seek out notable speakers in the above focus areas by themselves. We’re making it possible for you to get a year’s worth of leading-edge thinking in one, condensed event. Moreover, our line-up of speakers featured in the Leadership track at WPC this year offer an incredible value (we’ll be sharing more of these exciting details in the coming weeks). At some conferences, you might expect to pay ~$1,200 to hear from just one of these speakers—we bring in 50 of these top-rated speakers to WPC so partners can get the most out of their experience.
We know that you are focused on building your profitability, and we’re dedicated to helping you build your business through the insights you’ll get at WPC. The Leadership track sessions are designed to provide specific, actionable information so that you can take practical steps back to your team and see measurable results in your business.
Take advantage of this exciting new track at WPC 2014. Register now, and save on your all-access pass!